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Google Reader was launched in 2005 to make it easy for people to discover and subscribe to their favorite websites. On March 13, 2013, Google announced that on July 1, 2013, they will retire Google Reader.

This seemingly irreplaceable tool is one of, if not the most treasured possessions in the SEO and social media toolbox. So much so, that one individual took it upon themselves to appeal to Google in way that Google will hopefully appreciate…. a piece of engaging content that users are likely to link to and share.

At the time of this post the video had been up for a couple of days, there were around 5,880 views, but we think this one might go the distance so we’re going to watch the views go up and estimate that it might hit 100,000 pretty quickly.

How many views do you think it will get by the end of March 2013 (that’s midnight PST)? The person with the closest estimate gets £25 to spend on Amazon.


One comment on “Good Bye Google Reader

  1. Icahbanjarmasin on said:

    I am sad and RIP to GOOGLE READER.

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