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Keyword Research (PPC)


Search Keyword Analysis

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Paid Search (PPC) Keyword Research

Keyword research and analysis forms the foundation of any paid search campaign. Your keyword selection forms the basis of your search strategy, campaign structure, ad copy, landing page selection and much more.

There are plenty of keyword research tools out there which are all freely available such as:

  • Google AdWords Keyword Suggestion Tool - The Site Related Keywords tab uses a URL to identify relevant keywords so it isn’t ideal if the page isn’t well targeted. This is ideal for looking at competing websites that are ranking well so that you can determine what keywords they are targeting.
  • Keyword Discovery or the more advanced version which you have to pay for Keyword Discovery.
  • Wordtracker Free Keywords or the more advanced version which you have to pay for Wordtracker.

Choosing Relevant Keywords for your Search Campaign

Your pool of target keywords for paid search will be different to those in your SEO pool. Most notably the amount of keywords in a PPC campaign tends to be much larger and broader than the organic keywords.

The lines between paid and natural search are getting ever closer in many respects, particularly on the RELEVANCE factor. Whereas in the past you would simply go out and buy as many keywords as possible for your PPC campaign, it is now important to consider how relevant your text ad is to the landing page etc.

If you’re an eBay which deals in just about anything under the sun, then bulk is good, but if you deal in honeymoon villas then it doesn’t make sense to buy family holiday keywords just because they are popular travel sector keywords.

Keyword Targeting and Categorisation

Your choice in keywords will help you structure and manage your paid search campaign more effectively because a well segmented campaign makes it easier to switch things on and off or to increase and increase bids depending on keyword or product performance.

Red Mud Media Keyword Research Services


  • We can help you build your keyword portfolio from scratch or take your existing portfolio and seek out new opportunities for you.
  • You will receive information that you can act on i.e. we don’t run a quick search on AdWords and send you a list of keywords with search volumes and levels of competition!
  • We provide competitor analysis where we can tell you what your competitors are bidding on, what landing pages they are targeting and how they are using those keywords in their ad creative.


Get in touch with us to see how we can help you with your keyword targeting objectives.