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Paid Search Campaign Assessment

Review your sponsored search

You may have spent weeks, months and even years managing your search campaign, but you’re still not satisfied it’s performing to its full potential. On the other hand, you may be setting up your first search campaign, but you’re not sure you’ve got it absolutely right.

A fresh pair of eyes might be just the job and this is where a search campaign assessment by Red Mud Media comes in.

Some of us have experience managing campaigns with around 2 million keywords and can apply this knowledge to your campaign no matter how big or small.

What does a search campaign assessment involve?

We’ll look at your campaign from both the user’s perspective and the search engine perspective to see what we would perhaps do differently. Whether it’s the keywords you’re targeting, the way your campaign is structured or the ad copy you’re using, we’ll help you to identify opportunities to grow and improve your campaign.

What do we provide?

You will receive an assessment sheet with a list of observations and a list of actions to address them. Along with the list of actions, we will provide some best practice advice on how to get the most from the engines and your target audience.

How much does it cost?

The cost of an assessment depends on a number of factors such as its size, number of search engines and the level of access you give us. If we can access the back end of your campaign, then we can look at it in much more depth and therefore provide a more educated assessment. If we are limited to viewing your campaign from the user’s perspective, we can assess things like visibility, ad copy, position etc.

If on the other hand we can see how the campaign is structured, what you’re bidding, how you match your keywords (broad, phrase exact) then we can draw greater conclusions and corresponding recommendations.