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International SEO


International SEO is different in that we need to look at language (obviously!) and then domain set up and hosting. All the rest of it is the same as anywhere in that we have on-site SEO, technical and off-site SEO elements to consider.

We work with a combination of partner agencies & consultants and then we also have a network of freelance individuals who speak a variety of languages fluently.


When it comes to the languages, the most important rules are that you:

  • Do your keyword research and have it done by someone who speaks the language fluently
  • Make sure you have your content produced by someone who speaks the language fluently

There’s a common theme here and that’s why we don’t rely on Google Translate to do it for us!

Domain Set Up

When it comes to domain set up and hosting, this refers to your:

  • TLD selection – whether you go for a local TLD or .com with a subdomain or subfolder approach
  • Site targeting – making sure your site is pointing to the correct geolocation/s
  • Hosting – making sure where you host your site is not jeopardizing your SEO

Search Engines

The final part of what we can offer is a good understanding of the different search engines and how they work when it comes to SEO. Whether you’re targeting Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex or Baidu, we’d love to hear from you to see where we can help.
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