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Mobile SEO


Recent statistics (May 2012) show that on average 10% of all internet usage is now carried out on mobile devices. For many countries this now means that potential mobile traffic surpasses that of MSN/Bing. We have also seen that Google have recently come out and supported a mobile SEO strategy (June 2012), which is always a very good indicator that you need to sit up and take notice.

Question is….what do we need to do?

Here at Red Mud Media we offer the following services to help you move your mobile offering forwards.

  • Current mobile traffic analysis
  • Potential mobile traffic analysis
  • Mobile keyword research
  • Review of current mobile site in most popular mobile devices
  • Audit of current mobile site and mobile SEO
  • New mobile website recommendations
  • Ongoing mobile SEO services (required for separate mobile sites)

Mobile will only continue to grow, and for most sites if they don’t address this properly it is likely to see an ongoing drop in traffic/conversions as more and more visits come from mobile devices.  It can also be seen as opportunity to steal market share as your competitors delay their mobile investment and mobile visitors to their sites have to look elsewhere.

Get in touch and find out about how we can help you with your mobile site and mobile SEO.