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SEO Keyword Research


Search Keyword Analysis


Natural Search (SEO) Keyword Research

Keyword research and analysis forms the foundation of any search campaign, but it starts right at the beginning from when you are building your site right through to all your marketing activities. Your keyword selection forms the basis of your search strategy, site structure, content strategy, link building strategy, social media strategy and much much more.

There are plenty of keyword research tools out there and we encourage all clients to bookmark at least one of them, usually the Google AdWords Keyword Suggestion Tool - It doesn’t matter whether you are actually carrying out your keyword research or trying to think up a good headline for a press release, the Google tool will take a few seconds to tell you what words you should be using.

Use SEO to target the “Long Tail”

Having fresh content on a site is key to driving a successful SEO campaign. The long tail provides you with an extensive list of less competitive keywords which you can use for ideas to fill your site with content.

We are not suggesting you don’t target your core keywords through SEO, but referring back to SEO guarantees, the long tail are the kinds of keywords most likely being attached to the guarantee because they are less competitive and therefore easier to achieve higher rankings with…. not to mention, MORE likely to convert into new business.


Red Mud Media Keyword Research Services


  • We send you a keyword strategy that shows you what your most important keywords are for SEO - We don’t send lists of hundreds and thousands of keywords that you can’t do anything with.
  • We show you how to feed your keywords into the day to day running of your business, gently massaging your SEO from all angles.
  • We help you get the most out of your marketing budget by targeting the most appropriate and realistic keyword targets.


Get in touch for a no strings attached discussion about your keywords and how we can help you get more!