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Campaign Management (Social)


If social media campaign management is anything, it’s time consuming.

One can’t underestimate the amount of time it eats up which is why Red Mud Media offer this service to our clients.

Something we do differently is to allocate the right person or people to your social media campaign because it doesn’t make sense for an expert in a particular field to pretend they are an expert in another.

Consumers can see right through that which is why we take the time to find a person that matches up well to your target audience and your brand. That way the conversation is between likeminded people which tends to result in increased engagement and relevance.

Red Mud Media provide social media campaign management services that include:

  • Campaign Strategy – Developing a social media strategy specifically designed for your brand and your target audience.
  • Campaign Set Up – Whether you want to secure your brand name across multiple platforms or want to be set up with optimized profiles on a few.
  • Moderation – We can moderate and listen to conversations on your behalf providing you with the actionable highlights.
  • 2 Way Conversations – If you need someone to listen and respond to the conversations we can become you.
  • Reporting – Analyzing the performance data and providing actionable feedback on your KPIs.

Let’s start a conversation today to find out how Red Mud Media can deliver your social media strategy.