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So you’ve set up your social media profiles and you’re involved in the conversations happening all around you and you customers, publishing with regular frequency and you feel at one with social media.

The big question of course is whether any of it is having an effect on your business, be that good or bad.

Red Mud Media can help you set up your social media reporting with the following essentials:

  • Keywords – Learn what people are saying around specific words, brand terms and products so that you can respond accordingly.
  • Alerts – Receive notifications when someone posts a comment that glorifies or condemns your brand so that you can act quickly and embrace them.
  • Delegation – We can give you the tools to efficiently delegate specific jobs to the right people within your business, whether that be a customer complaint or a request for more information on a product or service.

The ability to monitor the conversations happening (or not happening) around your brand is arguably one of the most exciting things about social media. More and more conversations are going online and now you can join that conversation with the information you know people are after.

Get in touch with us to see how we can help you realize the potential of social media.