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A social media strategy starts with understanding your target audience by listening to them and building up an understanding of their key concerns, influences, where they hang out, what makes them tick and what language they use.

When you add SEO to the mix it becomes more complex and a whole lot more fun because the two strategies need to work side by side for ultimate results.

We approach a social media strategy with the following in mind:

  • Research – Who’s your audience? What they’re interested in?
  • Monitoring – We listen first as this tells us where you are so that we can figure out where you need to be.
  • Channel Identification – Which channels are right for you and your brand? Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube?
  • Content – What type of content should you be publishing? Do you need to publish any content or should your content be driven by your audience?
  • Reporting – What KPIs matter to you? How should you be reporting on them?

Whether you need us to set a course by setting you up and pointing you in the right direction, or you want us to get more involved, please get in touch so we can see how we can help you.